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Ravenskye City
developer Lolapps, Inc.
publisher 6waves
designer Shawn Stone, Nate Berna, Michael Kirkbride
released October 14, 2011
genre Business sim, RPG
modes Single player with multiplayer interaction
platforms Facebook Platform
input Mouse, Keyboard

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Ravenskye City is a social network game on Facebook developed by Lolapps and published by 6waves. Ravenskye City was officially released on the Facebook platform October 14, 2011 with a soft-launch on October 7, 2011. The game is currently being maintained by a content firm, [[RBS], and managed by a newly formed entity Silverlake.



Join a band of intrepid explorers in search of a new home! When they are struck by a sudden storm, their airship crashes right into the mysterious land of Ravenskye City. Join the expedition and help restore the city to its former glory by rebuilding the city's magnificent buildings. Reunite the lost totems of Ravenskye and craft the most wonderful city the world has ever seen!


The player selects an avatar which resembles a bird - either male or female. Players of Ravenwood Fair may also use their avatar when transferring from Ravenwood Fair to Ravenskye City. The player then completes a short tutorial that shows how to chop vines, gather materials, and start quests from Non-Player Characters (NPCs). After the tutorial, the player is given several more quests that direct gameplay toward accumulating resources, constructing buildings, placing decorations, defeating monsters, and restoring ruins.

The player has an energy meter which determines how many major actions the player can take in a session. Energy can be purchased with Facebook credits to extend gameplay or can be gained passively every 3 minutes. Energy can also randomly drop from chopping vines, rocks, or defeating monsters.

Chopping vines and rocks are a large part of gameplay. Each action will deduct 1 Energy from the Energy bar. Loot drops will contain coins, XP (experience points), and often materials needed for quests and building structures. Sometimes a monster, such as a Blight or Wither, will appear as a result of chopping a vine or rock and the player can either ignore the monster or pummel it with a shovel to scare it away.

When the player finishes building a structure, or places a decoration, the City Rank value attached to the structure accumulates with all other structures in the city. Raising your city rank will unlock more quests and items in the Shoppe.

After the player gathers enough XP, they will level up and have their energy meter filled, and possibly extended. Attaining levels will affect the game in various ways, such as unlocking items for purchase in the store (known as the Shoppe), new quests, tougher monsters, etc.

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